Tips Night and Twilight Photography

Tips Night and Twilight Photography

It’s necessary to be patient, then we can get really great images. Your technical skills will play an important role at night.

At night you work with long exposure time, which requires the use of a tripod and a shutter-release cable. You should set the lowest ISO value, foIf you normally use any filters on your lens, better remove them at night. If it’s windy it may be difficult to keep the camera steady on your tripod. Then you can hang some weight or collapse the tripod legs to their minimum height.

What else? Know in advance where you are going to do your night photo session. Prepare a little time plan. Check the weather forecast for this place. It will create the character of your photography. It’s also good to know where you can see the Sunset and the Moon. They are also important.r example ISO 100 or ISO 200. Exposure time around 1-10 seconds is a good time for this kind of photography. Your camera will register movements in a very special way, differently then your eye. The effects are really fascinating: moving lights and reflections create a new reality. The spotlights in movement make interesting patterns, moving cars are not visible in the picture, only their light traces.

You should know the settings of your camera. Do you work manually? It’s also important to understand your camera’s light metering system. It will allow you to set right exposure parameters. Try to take some pictures also just after twilight, when you can still catch some colours. You could catch interesting colours. Thankful to these photographies your photo session will give you more satisfaction. There will be a variety of effects and moods.

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